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If you are contacting us regarding the hire of vehicles for weddings/special events, we are unable by law to accomodate any such request. Any operator is required to hold a license issued by the Department of Transport, and as such it is illegal for our members to offer their vehicles for such events regardless of whether the vehicle is "hired" or offered for free - especially as most of our members are registered under the Special Interest category of registration. Please refer to the Transport & Main Roads website for furthur information.

If you are contacting us regarding joining the club, please have a look at the Constitution, then fill out a Membership Application form. All memberships must get voted in at a club meeting, so you will need to attend a meeting before membership will be approved (see the Calendar for upcoming meeting dates). To be elligible for Special Interest registration, a member must have attended at least one meeting, participated in at least three club runs and been a club member for at least six months.

Please use the following form to contact the Club Secretary:

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or you can send any correspondance to:

     Early Falcon Car Club of Queensland Inc.
     Parcel Locker 10169 11549,
     20 Mawarra Crescent, Ferny Hills QLD 4055

Club President: Noel O Driscoll - 0475 917 636
Vice-President: John De Groot - 0428 985 987
Secretary: Vacant TBA
Treasurer: Rosalia Norbido - 0432 539 766
Rockhampton Coordinators: Merv and Annette Ferguson - 0423 255 660
Registration Officers:
South Brisbane: Geoffery Scraggs - 3200 0322 / 0497774842
North Brisbane: Peter Rapkins - 0428404781
Rockhampton: Merv Ferguson - 0423 255 660
Merchandise: Al Sweeney - 0408770910
Newsletter Editor: Sonia Norbido - email: efccq.newsletter@gmail.com
Club Commitee Email: admin@earlyfalconcarclub.com