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1963 Falcon XL - Anthony Nutley

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Year: 1963
Make: Falcon
Model: XL
Style: Sedan
The car was purchased from Cresswell's Earl Motors Pty Ltd of Southport, Qld on the 7th October 1963 for 826 pounds 18 shillings and 2 pence by my great grandfather, Bah as he was called. From all accounts he loved the car and spent many hours travelling up Tamborine Mountain with family. I can remember many trips myself with my grandfather in the car, mainly to the Cecil Hotel in Southport for a cherry cheer but until now, didn't understand what the hoppy smelly liquid he drank was.

It was passed to my grandmother who drove it ( with the aid of a pillow to sit on ) right up to when she was no longer able to handle it due to illness and not for want of trying. Nana only drove it to golf, and majong, and her golf clubs will still be found in the car.

It has participated in my parents and my own wedding and still looks just the same as the day it was purchased, according to my mum ( wear and tear excepted ), apart from the motor and the 4GG radio station sticker. And the person who stole the cigarette lighter in the 80's then, &*^%$ $#@.

It was passed to me in 2006 and its second chance at life as Nana knew that I couldn'd part with it and would have to restore it. RIP Nana. The car was passed to me pretty much as you see it but there has been a lot of love added, not to mention bits and pieces and many hours.

I do not understand the size of the motor or what the transmission is, or for that matter what size the brakes are, but that doesn't matter, because the car has plenty of other stories to tell ( Nana had three girls, 6 grandchildren and 4 great grand children ). I hope to add the memories of those who know the car to this site so that all of the family can enjoy something that our forefather loved.

Thanks to Geoffrey for all his work. I shall always be extremely thankful.

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